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Terms of Use
- Don't talk about illegal content in any way or form.
- Don't upload or post pornographic related material.
- Don't spam the forum anywhere but in the 'spam section'.
- Respect the crew, moderators, administrators and founders.
- Don't argue with your superiors.
- You are not allowed to have and / or use multiple account.
- Don't advertise other websites or 'non SB' related services.
- Don't flame or troll.
- Don't make any 'hate' topics. Discussions however, are fine.
- Hacking in any way or form will result in a permanent ban.
- All bans are permanent, and can only be 'undone' by a 'founder'. However, this is highly unlikely to happen, so think twice.
- The crew holds the right to 'not follow' these rules and 'bend' the rules in certain occasions, based on the problem that needs solving, and / or personal preferences.
- Have fun!
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