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Author: Plasmaghost01
Uploaded: 17-07-11' ( 11 years ago )
Type: Movie
Score: 3.22
Votes: 183
Views: 2362
Reviews: 3
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Sound Before Sight
Author's comment
This was a birthday present for myself (June 9th)

the entire anim was done sound before animation (i put sounds in and then animated to the sound, sorta' like head first...but with sounds)

(Shout out to TAP and Dannyplatinum)

Hope you enjoy my first full length!
By: ehlboy, Impression: Sexy, Score: 10
Posted 10 years ago

SBS 2 please!
By: Novatris, Impression: Amazing, Score: 10
Posted 10 years ago

That was very well done!

I am very surprised of your work. I kne you were good but this good? just wow.
I don't have anything negative to say about this animation, just plain epic.

keep it up!

By: supperbas, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 7
Posted 11 years ago

I really like your animation! you did a really good job =]

I can't give much criticism or not that I have spotted at least.
I like the bit loose and 'fluid-ish' style you use here and the 'monster' that spawns (the guy that evolves) I like that kind of creativity.
The only C&C I can give you is that the two scenes might been a bit plain so to say, you could have involved the environment more e.g. adding a spike in the room or have a more fancy background. Not saying that I totally missed it but it would be a good way to make it a bit more entertaining and interactive.

You also did a good job with the credits with the short scenes on the side =] and thanks for putting me in the credits/thanks list! <3

Overall a good job buddy!
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