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Author: ganuganu
Uploaded: 03-10-10' ( 12 years ago )
Type: Other
Score: 2.59
Votes: 71
Views: 1366
Reviews: 2


first fullbody test
Author's comment
this is my first fullbody anim in flash 8....
By: Underling, Impression: Good, Score: 5
Posted 12 years ago

The particles and style are fine. You need to work on a little bit of physics. The man needs to look as though the hammer is heavy so his knees would bend a little, his back arch slightly on the way up and then the hammer would have slight hang time in the air.

The force upwards would be only slightly greater than that of the weight pulling down so as the man stops pulling the hammer into the air it would continue upwards for a tiny amount of time slowing down very quickly. Then the hang as the forces are equal before dropping at a steadily increasing rate.

I know its really hard to get all this into a short amount of time but its a useful thing to keep in mind. As cartoons have a lot of leeway in realism this can be exagerated in anyway you like.

Overall a great attempt. Loving the colours and build of the guy n hammer.
By: supperbas, Impression: Okay, Score: 4
Posted 12 years ago

The movement of the hammer was a bit too quick though, I would try to make the downwards movement of the hammer a bit slower (add a few frames)
Of course try not to make it too slow, but I do suggest adding a few frames!

Keep on practicing!
 Author's response thanks man,i will correct it....thanks for the feedback..
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