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Author: Jartemius
Uploaded: 04-06-10' ( 12 years ago )
Type: Movie
Score: 2.53
Votes: 79
Views: 1325
Reviews: 2


One Year on Fluidanims
Author's comment
Boh, first major submission in this year.

This compilation is showing my "steps" in animating since I joined FA, and until now. I'm quite happy to see some improvement.

Also, credits to Kieran!

Please enjoy.
By: GlewDoesIt, Impression: Boring, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

This something that should be on FA and Only FA honestly. I like the music but it was boring. Not gonna lie I was anticipating the end to find out how good you have become and yes it looks like you have gotten alot of potential and you will be one of the greats
By: supperbas, Impression: Cool, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

Yo I like it Jartemius!
You've improved greatly over the past year and I'm confident that if you go on like this you will become a really valuable animator =]

I also like the fact that I can see how you introduced 'new' styles in your own style I recognize some of them ^^
The raining scene reminds of me so many things, the first time I saw sticks with fingers :P that was a total 'change' back in the days or stick with faces/mouths :P

Good choice of music as well, all I can say is keep on going like this be creative you've proven to be so but yeah try to maintain that spirit and try out a lot of new styles! but I'm pretty sure of that you did so already;)

Well done Jart!

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