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Author: Emile
Uploaded: 15-01-10' ( 13 years ago )
Type: Other
Score: 2.18
Votes: 86
Views: 1426
Reviews: 4


First Anim in Years
Author's comment
Created with stykz and flash. Sounds from flashkit.
By: Zackie, Impression: Hateful, Score: 1
Posted 13 years ago

Random, unclear, stupid and boring.

I don't know what's going on, it's just some guy kicking a box, doing push-ups and then dying without showing his death. The movements arn't even decent, they were choppy and un-natural. Not good! Try again.

Just wasted 5 seconds of my life
 Author's response HAHAHHAHA, dude you are funny.

I never said it would have been good, smooth and clear :)
I'm not an animator lol. Your description of what happened is pretty acrurate by the way.
By: killerkb, Impression: Slow, Score: 3
Posted 13 years ago

Not sure what was going on.
Did the guy just, 'drop' the planet with push ups?
Practice practice.
Needs to be smoother, more anticipation, etc.
By: Matt, Impression: Decent, Score: 3
Posted 13 years ago

We all start somewhere, and considering this is the first in years, this is alright. Didn't understand what was happening though. Animate something longer please :D You'll improve faster than you think.
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