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Author: Tonney
Uploaded: 14-01-10' ( 13 years ago )
Type: Other
Score: 2.49
Votes: 60
Views: 1346
Reviews: 5


Incomplete fight thing.
Author's comment
Yeeeeeeeeah. Made five months ago, after a four month break. Or something along those lines. Never got finished though. That's all it has. 18kb of nothingness. So why did i upload this? Blame Underling. I might actually finish this in a few years.
By: Matt, Impression: Fast, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

I haven't voted high mainly because it's less than 3 seconds long... but those 3 seconds were pretty awesome. Definately animate more. The blood looked like the kind of blood you get on Slakt, that Oscar animation.
 Author's response I'ma continue it, i promise. I don't know about finishing, but I'll definitely continue. And that blood.. Meh, i don't like it. I can do better. : p.
By: Zackie, Impression: Short, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

Nice, Nice! NICE!

Sexy effects and great blood splatter. I don't know whether it's Underling's fault that it's so freaking short! It's SO SHORT! Otherwise, it would have gotten a 10 from me, hands down. I remembered watching this months back and i still love it till now.

 Author's response Well.. I actually did continue it a little. like, 0.3 seconds. Might be 0.4 tomorrow.
By: Emile, Impression: Amazing, Score: 10
Posted 13 years ago

Awesome work! If you had sound it would have been perfect :O
 Author's response I miiiight actually add sound in six years or so.
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