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Author: Underling
Uploaded: 14-01-10' ( 13 years ago )
Type: Other
Score: 2.67
Votes: 88
Views: 1395
Reviews: 5


Old Stick Flame
Author's comment
Pug was a reaaaaaly shit noob animator who wouldnt get better. lol. i wasnt good either but at least i was better enough to slag him off.
By: Zackie, Impression: Good, Score: 5
Posted 13 years ago

Lol. I thought that was funny, even the credits had it's own ideas to contribute. A bit stupid at some parts but nonetheless, i like it. I like the cast for Pug being Pug. Hilarious!

Now that's something i wouldn't mind you making. It's more towards creativity than hard work.
 Author's response Thanks man, i just loved to take the mick. What wouldn't you mind seeing?
By: killerkb, Impression: Lame, Score: 3
Posted 13 years ago

The idea was decent. I to, hate that CrazyFrog bullshit.
Though the animation itself was terrible.
 Author's response no arguments here, its shockingly bad :)
By: Matt, Impression: Cool, Score: 7
Posted 13 years ago

Very funny. Effects weren't so brilliant and the blood was a bit too chunky, but it was a good idea. Voted 7 :3
 Author's response wow thanks. Pug did a reply anim ill try and find it. it was pretty darn bad.
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