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Author: Underling
Uploaded: 13-01-10' ( 13 years ago )
Type: Movie
Score: 2.64
Votes: 235
Views: 3784
Reviews: 6
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The Story Of Underling
Author's comment
This is actually an Anim i made for SB version 2 a few years back. It was blammed at the time for being boring and having no real was actually made to coincide with a long story i made for my SB soldier character :P But no one on newgrounds gave a fuck about reading that so i got 1.5 outa 5. Anyway Having got flash back yesturday i've been tinkering and added a soundtrack and a bit of extra action script to get it going properly. Hopefully its a little more interesting now.
By: PureFurry, Impression: Amazing, Score: 10
Posted 11 years ago

It was awsome.
By: Plazmah, Impression: Dull, Score: 2
Posted 13 years ago

The storyline was decent, but your animation needs work.
Watch some tutorials, im sure you'l find alot.
heres what you should work on.
and maybe watch some tutorials on reactions etc. so you can get some realistic moves.

By the way, when you use line style, you should hold 'ctrl' and cliek then drag a line to give it a curve, this will make your stick look a little bettr ;3

By: Zackie, Impression: Cool, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

The storyline seems to be a little unclear. So...did the main char resurrected or sth?

May not be the best animation but it's the best from you since. Something different from a typical stick fight. Hopefully, you can re-do the animation and touch-up more on the storyline and animation. That would be GREAT!
 Author's response Yea i was thinking maybe a voice over and just make it a trailer. Oooor re type the story of underling text version but i cba looking up all the dates n stuff.
Lol it was historically accurate when i made it. eg. the father is killed in 1189. In the riots of Norfolk...which actually happend lol. The 3rd crusades were actually between 1190-92, the swords used are modelled on the swords of the english crusaders and the symatir of the turks also Underling was killed in 1199 the same battle in which Richard the Lionheart was wounded and by a crossbow bolt, then died.
You get the idea.
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