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Author: killerkb
Uploaded: 05-01-10' ( 13 years ago )
Type: Movie
Score: 3.16
Votes: 137
Views: 1599
Reviews: 6


Plant Growth
Author's comment
An animation for a weekly competition over at
Subject: Plant Growth'

By: Zackie, Impression: Hysterical, Score: 7
Posted 13 years ago

OMG! That was funny!!! I love the way the font were being flashed, they didn't stay long, just enough time for me to read them. The baby laughing just made me LMAO!

Very creative way on how plants interact. Lol, Daisy!
Poor plants, no daisy, no hot chick, no sunlight! EPIC!
 Author's response Hahaha, thanks Zackie. I was a bit worried at first, about the text's time span, but I'm glad you were able to read it all.

By: Dark-M, Impression: Decent, Score: 7
Posted 13 years ago

What the fuck guys?? This anim is a representation of creativity and humor. It isnt a 2-D stick fight. Its called dramatic insertion comedy... or something. It is when something inanimate is given human properties and human emotion. Like he just got shunned by a girl and with new hope decided to grow (get out of bed)? And the short cut to a dark room at the end makes you laugh. Its a short, little anim which has nothing wrong with it. Its about content not animation quality.

7/10 Cause I know you can do better KKB.
By: Kieran., Impression: Entertaining, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

I disagree, although there was a lack of actual animation, I thought It was quite entertaining!
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