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By: Invert, Impression: Dumb, Score: 2
Posted 13 years ago


Not feeling anything good in this animation, the BACKGROUND was not good, the sticks you provided us with had huge dinosaur feet and the movements/positioning could also use A LOT of work.
By: Dark-M, Impression: Risky, Score: 4
Posted 13 years ago


Need to work on your fluidity, mainly. Other than that, I could see it wasn't really going anywhere and it was totally retarded as you stated. Hm. Still creative and I guess it was decent with the inventory, but try to master movements and parkour before you bring in items like bombs and spears. Once you master the basic of physics, you will understand how it applies to everything you animate.

I am giving you a 4 in good taste, which I think is deserving considering the quality of this animation, I hope you agree. You need to aim higher and improve your standards. Good luck with your further animations and remember to practice animating movements and physics.
By: Emile, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

Hahah I loved it. Made me laugh, it was original and ideas were good but as other said, you need to improve your animation skills! :)
By: Matt, Impression: Boring, Score: 4
Posted 13 years ago

A definite improvement needed. The movements were off, and physics weren't as good as they could be, even if you aren't using flash. Although if I'm honest the explosion wasn't to shabby, better than some flash ones I've seen.
By: supperbas, Impression: Crap, Score: 4
Posted 13 years ago

Well animation wise to use your own language it's 'crap' (no offense)
You can really improve on the movements, make it more smooth or actually try to work on the basic movements I'm sure if you try to improve those it will definitely make the animation much better.

What I did like however was the humor, and the 'totally retarded' behavior of the stick and of course the sounds xD
 Author's response i totally agree, i will hopefully get bk into flash soon :)
By: Kieran., Impression: Entertaining, Score: 7
Posted 13 years ago

I thought the ideas were good, but the animation was lacking a bit. Keep going!
 Author's response Thanks man
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