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By: ShadeofBlue, Impression: Awesome, Score: 8
Posted 12 years ago

The effects were awesome, but the animation itself was lacking. It looked really good whilst effected, but he walk cycles, for example, looked really clunky. I freaking <3'd the soundtrack, but TBS from BB seemed like a step backwards in terms of epic. But still good. I especially liked the fight with the 2 red dudes and the sword. Was good. Overall 4/5 very good, slight animation clunkiness
By: Zackie, Impression: Okay, Score: 5
Posted 12 years ago

A jump to the advanced without a mastery of the basics.

The effects may be nice and such but this animation lacks basics. You can't even animated a walk cycle properly. The walking, jumping and pose are all horrible. Even the ideas weren't very original. I only like the last fight but when i saw the cloning, it bores me greatly.

Master the basics or else the entire animation will be full of flaws, no matter how epic others see it.
By: Kieran., Impression: Entertaining, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

Nice ideas, nice effects and pretty good fight scenes.

The movements, force and easing needs some work though.

Nice work!
By: Underling, Impression: Decent, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

Sweet fights man, walking movement at the beginning is a little shoddy. But the bone breaking bit was cool and the last fight sceen was epic. Nice simple stick fights. Sword kept dissapearing and reappearing during the final fight which i thought was a little odd. Good sense of humor :D loving it. 7/10
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