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By: Plazmah, Impression: Okay, Score: 3
Posted 12 years ago

I liked the camera movements and the fluidness of the animation, for some reason it reminds me of hyuns 'drunkern stick' :O

Nice one :3

By: Zackie, Impression: Dull, Score: 5
Posted 12 years ago


Reminds me of Drunken stick, in terms of creativity-wise. The movements were good and the fighting sequence was okay. But unfortunatly, it bores me. Not much stylish ideas and movement swings. To me, it's just one very typical stick fight animation.
By: -Blu-, Impression: Short, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

I't quite well done, a good use of camera movement and it's mostly fluid. It would have been nice to see this finished
By: Graphical, Impression: Cool, Score: 8
Posted 12 years ago

nice. not bad. good improvement. 8/10 I think. keep it up. I like the moves tho.
By: Kieran., Impression: Great, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

I thought it was very very good!

The ideas, moves and sounds were awesome. It had some really nice force aswell.

However, the movements such a runs needed some work.

Great work!
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