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By: Plazmah, Impression: Amazing, Score: 10
Posted 12 years ago


I loved how it started with mesmay's 'first-person' view,
it got me thinking i was playing mirrors edge :3

Anyways, all the animation was good and its defiantly worthy of a rating of 10

By: Trunkz, Impression: Amazing, Score: 8
Posted 12 years ago

This was damn amazing.
Loved all the parts and well done to the entrants, as well as the organisation.
Nice to see it out finally :D
By: ShadeofBlue, Impression: Sexy, Score: 10
Posted 12 years ago

That was awesome. I liked Godmouth's part, very stylized, stuck with me. No weak links, overall. I call it epic win
By: Murph, Impression: Awesome, Score: 9
Posted 12 years ago

I just realized I was in the special thanks. Thank YOU!
It was perfection. Way to go guys.
 Author's response :D:D:D:D:D:D



Thanks. <3
By: Zackie, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 7
Posted 12 years ago

Well compiled and well done. The good thing about it is that there are hardly any crappy parts to spoil the entire collab. Even though, most of the ideas arn't very sleak and original, it was decent, in terms of quality of animation.

Finally, something epic from GA!
By: Emile, Impression: Important, Score: 10
Posted 12 years ago

I really love seeing something else than fighting sometimes, well always I should say haha.

This was epic!
By: supperbas, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 8
Posted 12 years ago

Really nice collab, good length too!

I like the parkour idea, it's fun to see how every animator uses his own creativity to make an part of his parkour idea.
Also I really liked the different styles of each animator!

So yeah, in short I actually liked it =] But it should have taken you a lot of time to resize most of the submissions! still good you did though because this is a collab to be proud of =]

Good job guys!
 Author's response thanks for the review! yeah, it took me a year to get it all sorted out, but it was worth it :D
By: LukMillion, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 8
Posted 12 years ago

I love it when great animators come together to make an amazing collab :) I also am a huge fan of the music.
By: Legion, Impression: Tasteful, Score: 9
Posted 12 years ago

Fantastic animations
I love each of those individual styles.
The animation was very slick and the anticipation/momentum/physics were superb!
Hope to see some more stuff like this
By: Kieran., Impression: Awesome, Score: 9
Posted 12 years ago

Every time I watch it, I love it even more.

BUT THIS SHOULD BE IN THE PORTAL, not tests. It deserves more recognition!
 Author's response :(

it should soon. it's got the highest score so far!
By: Underling, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 8
Posted 12 years ago

Hey man, That was a darn good colab :) some good effort went into that from all involved. Your one was great my only problem was there seemed to be a little odd bit of movement when the white stick grabbed the 3rd post he seemed to slow down to fast. Other than that brilliant... I also liked Sareth W's and Pluto's parts best :D

Keep it real.
 Author's response Thanks mate, mine was made 3-4 months ago, i got better :)
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