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By: Blizz, Impression: Okay, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

To me, the animation seemed kind of dull. The expressions were good, and so were the figures. However, I disliked the fact that you used so many tweens. If there was more actual animation, it would be a lot better, in my opinion. The main things you need to work on, I believe, are getting rid of wobbles and resizing. You have a lot of potential, I think. Put it to good use!
By: supperbas, Impression: Lame, Score: 3
Posted 13 years ago

I might be a bit harsh here but, the drawing of the characters was okay
But they barely changed expressions, and it was basically using a tween to make them move
so yeah that really makes the overall rating drop in free fall speed :P

I do mis the fact that there is almost no sound!, so yeah I think you can improve on quite some aspects
I like the characters, but yeah there was too little variety in my opinion
By: killerkb, Impression: Decent, Score: 5
Posted 13 years ago

Pretty decent.
I think your backgrounds would be better without the outline's though.
And most of it felt a bit 'lazy', since there wasn't allot of actual 'animation' going on.

But yeah, a good start maybe, for something bigger.
By: Underling, Impression: Hysterical, Score: 8
Posted 13 years ago

That was some proper comedy right there, it coulda benefited with some silly music but i can play that in the background myself anyway.. Animation was ok, can't really tell your style from that but for what it is it is defently worth a watch. Good job.
By: Kieran., Impression: Entertaining, Score: 8
Posted 13 years ago

Lol, I loved the humour, the expressions were awesome, and generally the ideas were great.

Had there been sounds, and more animation, this would have been amazing!
By: Nubbeh, Impression: Decent, Score: 6
Posted 13 years ago

Uhm, lmfao, what the hell. Even though it was like totally weird and random and most parts looked very lazily animated I sort of enjoyed it for some reason. Music and everything would have made it so much better.

Keep it up, though try and make the next one a bit better :P
By: Zackie, Impression: Decent, Score: 7
Posted 13 years ago

Just looking at the retarded expressions and the dick sword, i don't know whether to laugh or sigh at it's stupidty. But still, despite the fact, it was silly, it was rather ingenious!

I love the scene where he floats above the counter and grabs the dead cashier's dick sword. Sharp dick! Every man's dream indeed. LOL
By: Matt, Impression: Entertaining, Score: 7
Posted 13 years ago

Well uh... Im not gonna lie to you, that was disturbing. Fun, entertataining, but disturbing nonetheless.

God damn it you put VEINS on it for christ sake...
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