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Posted: 19-07-18' (1 year ago)
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hello everyone, i'm running the collab "The Splatoon Art Collab", so for a past few days ago, i want to do some Art-Collab for everyone, and so about this, everyone runs many collab so i decided to do an Art-Collaboration where the artists collaborate from the projects in each days, but i want to do a Video Game related Collab, and i'm thinking of Splatoon, so everyone is welcome, but you can send your entries to or DM me, and you can submit your entries on social medias, OH, and one more thing, uh... the deadline is gonna be on February 2019, so i hope your lucky, and that's it! so good luck!

If you want to be in this collab, read the guidelines in google docs:

If you have any questions, please DM me on Twitter, deviantART, Newgrounds, or on Discord, or email me on, so have fun, and i hope you enjoy this collab, while it’s active!

here's an Offical Twitter link:
And also a discord server too:


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