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Posted: 20-02-17' (3 years ago)
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Yes. Time for this to come back cause come on, it's Kirby's 25th Anniversary. Serious

Anyways here are the rules.


Has to be 16:9.
Can be whatever frame rate you want
Has to have a white background
Has to be about Kirby (can have Kirby FCs)


AxelStation (done)
WolfWrathKnight (done)
ChinoKnight (working on)
RandomRails (VTAnimation) (working on)
KingAsylus91 (working on)
Star64DX (working on)
AquaOshawott01 (working on)
Scottwjsm (working on)
4ever-the-animator (done)
MDstudio1 (working on)
Blueneonkid (working on)
Lemony Fresh (working on)
CausticHarmony (working on)
FaZeCole (working on)
Shawn-Ishimo (working on)
Davidchao23 (working on)
ThePixelation (working on)
Ainn.png (working on)
Sungod (working on)
JustKeynan (working on)
Fahyda (working on)
DragonRoll (working on)
DeltaRed12 (working on)
MindHacked (working on)
Scott910 (working on)
Krusper Butter (working on)

For the first two collabs, click these links:
The Kirby Collab by FlashfireEX
The Many Kirbys Collab by FlashfireEX

Send the final product at

This is dedicated to a great legend of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata. image

Thanks! image

Hyun's Dojo
Discord Server

Also, this is something I'm working on for the collab. God damn this is going to take a long time. image

(Forgot about this. Went to take a bath and just remembered. *sigh*) Due Date: July 4th, 2017

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