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Posted: 18-01-15' (6 years ago)
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Hey am a animator from Australia I and a medium animator and I also am very good with movie editing softwares such as after effects I enjoy popcorn and coke. My dreams are none of your business and any hobbies I have can be pretty easily guessed since I am on this website for animators shouldn't be to hard for you and thats it over and out.

Posted: 20-01-15' (6 years ago)
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Welcome to our community, Animatrix.
What we do around here, is none of your business, though it can be easily guessed, since you came to this website as an animator. Shouldn't be too hard for you.

You can always show us some of your work in the showcase section and we'll provide you with some feedback and constructive criticism.


- Killerkb

Animator / Voice Actor
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