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Posted: 12-06-11' (11 years ago)
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Hey guys,

Some of you might have noticed there are freaking ads on the site!!!!

Well luckily they aren't actual ads but it's a promotion for a collab named Cirque Du Elec or CQE for short.
UPPERCUT is hosting the collab and asked me if I could promote his collab a little.

So check out this promotional page
You can sign up here on SB, or use the link provided in the promo (but will link to a topic on FA (FluidAnims))

This anim will be an SB exclusive for about a week I think before it will be released on other sites, so make sure to check out SB if you want to see the latest collabs! ;)

So you may be wonder why the hell is this topic in the announcement forum?
Well I want to announce or tell you people that we might be promoting more events in the near future, they are not all going to be announced but we plan on making a promotion section.
Kind of like Announcements but then for promoting collabs and stuff.
I might make an option on the account page where you can turn off these promotions but for the time being if you don't want them to be there you have to ignore them =[ sorry!

Have fun people and let me know if you like this concept or not!



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Posted: 13-06-11' (11 years ago)
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I'm sorry I haven't been really dedicated to this community(well, not att all really), but hopefully I'll be able to change that on the next few days :)

This collab is looking pretty cool, and not to mention I'm in the promo :3

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