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Posted: 11-01-10' (13 years ago)

Well, just thought I'd talk about myself for a bit really.

I am currently in my last year of GCSEs, taking Art, Spanish, Music and History as my options.
I am studying to become a dentist, (which has nothing to do with those subjects!) and will need A Levels in Biology and Chemistry (Physics too so that my uni application looks good). I am hoping to go to nearby Liverpool University, which would be useful as I live half an hour away, so the only money I need would be for courses. The course involves 5 years of study, 3 are courses and the last 2 are in practice, so i can earn money whilst I am still studying.
Some people think I am doing it just for the large salary, but I myself think of it as a bonus. The idea seems fascinating to me, and I'd love to be able to meet new people as well. (yeah i'm weird)

Music - I am interested in lots of types of music, ranging from mainstream music like Taylor Swift and Dizzee Rascal to hardcore metal such as Parkway Drive.
My favourite band at the moment is Paramore, and I have been working on some drum covers for their songs, even though I am mainly a crazy double-kick drum player. I also love to listen to acoustic songs and play along, to try and work on dynamics and technique.

Arts - I like mainly pencil and biro sketching, but I am starting to be drawn in by computer arts, although I'm not very good. Animations is also a hobbie I like to do in my free time, but i don't have a lot of that when balancing my school work and music. I wasn't an active member of any other forum until I found this site back up, so I may try to animate more often.

Xbox - Haha, play this a bit to much. Sadly this has come before girls once or twice... okay maybe three times. My gamertag is MasterStick94, feel free to add, and I usually play Modern Warfare 2. Gears of War 2 and most other multiplayer games. Every now and then i also play games like Mass Effect, but am more into just aimlessly killing people :)

Well that's all i can think of at the moment, and if you read through all of that congratulations! (even though that is quite weird)


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