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Posted: 18-01-10' (13 years ago)

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Hey guys, if you've been in the FA IRC lately, you'll see I've been attempting something I've never done before. I'm trying to woo a girl I like!
If you know me at all you should know that I've never had a girlfriend, let alone hold hands with/kiss one. An amazing friend you know as Steel_Cold has attempted helping me talk to some on FaceBook before, but I was always too scared lol.
So the other day, this girl (her name is Lauren) was finally online at the same time as me. One of my real-life buds on Skype was making fun of me and said I should talk to her. So you know what I did? I got ahold of Steel and went for it.
I started talking and whenever I couldn't think of something to say back, I asked Steel for advice! It worked wonderfully and I think we actually hit it off quite well.
I know this sounds kind of pathetic and I've been talking about it a lot on IRC but this is a really new and cool experience for me and I thought I should let my friends on the internet know what's going on in my life.
Wish me luck and I'll keep you guys updated on how things go with this girl. :]

Posted: 25-01-10' (13 years ago)

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Holy shit, some guy in my school just asked out this girl called lauren, and it's his firce girlfriend :D


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Posted: 21-01-10' (13 years ago)

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Congratulations Spfy!

Don't worry, you're making progress and that's a good thing (don't rush things though)
Good that Steel is helping ya, advise is sometimes really useful =]
I really hope for you this will get you a GF!, but if not don't worry you're still young =] (compared to me at least :P)

So yeah, keep it up Spfy! and I wish you the best of luck keep us posted!


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Posted: 19-01-10' (13 years ago)

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Nice one. You'll need all the practice you can have with girls for the time that you find "the one".

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Posted: 19-01-10' (13 years ago)

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All the best man! Even though i've never dated a girl yet, i could almost sense the anxiety and fear of screwing up a date. Maybe one day, i would have to seek advice from you.

Hope things work out =)

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Posted: 18-01-10' (13 years ago)

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Congratz man, maybe you will have a gf sooner than you think :)

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